Document Camera Ideas

Ideas for document cameras/webcams


Demonstrate math manipulatives (coins, calculators, rulers, pattern blocks, base-ten blocks, unifix cubes, fraction pieces, protractor etc)
Graphing, charts, tables
Step-by-Step math/problem solving
Show reflections and tessellations
Math regrouping process
Math game demonstration
Math workbook pages and worksheets
Making algebra children’s play


Show and tell
Book reports
Highlight grammar in writing samples
Displaying student writing/work
Group editing
Cloze activities
Power writing
Handwriting technique
Mini thematic word walls
ABC chart
Project morning message
ABC manipulatives/word work
Rainbow writing
Interactive writing
Concepts of print
Newspaper or magazine articles
Sentence correction
Making words
Main Idea
Writer’s Workshop
Daily Edit Review

Science/Social Studies

Show visuals for science experiments
Displaying student work
Displaying agenda/calendar/schedule
Modeling note-taking
Magnify insects and other small objects
Showing hands-on tasks
Step-by-step instructions
Displaying fragile items or photographs
Labeling items
Display maps, charts, graphs, images from text book
Sharing 3D process
Dissecting plants or animals
Picture Schedule
Save pictures of student’s work
Enlarging text for students with vision impairments
Practice state test
Review test results


Display worksheets to model directions
Kids demonstrate skills in any curriculum area
Kids demonstrate a game to show to another group at a later time
Older student demonstrate skill for younger student(s)


Spy Cam
Classroom visit by administrator or other important person
Teacher pop in when class has a sub.
Communicate with famous author or guest speaker
Have a digital press conference with legistlator
Video chat with Junior Musher of Iditarod
Open your classroom digitally to another classroom within the district, community, state, country, or globally (pen pals)

Here is a link to a wonderful resource on using Skype in the classroom.

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